Rheden, 2 April 2022


Prepared for growth. Cato Composites uses Corona to relocate to new plant.         

Cato Composites B.V. is continuing to invest for future growth in both thermoplastic composites manufacturing and development. Cato Composites BV uses the Corona pandemic to keep investing in resources and capacity by moving to new larger plant.


Cato Composites, manufacturer of high quality CFRTC products and components, has used the COVID-19 pandemic by investing and preparing for future growth. In November the company replaced its former location for a new larger plant. The plant is located at the same business park Haveland in Rheden (NL).


Joost van Lindert, Managing Director, explains: “When the Corona pandemic broke out we first saw a decline in our order book. We decided that this quiet period was the right moment to invest and prepare for our growth strategy. The new plant gives Cato plenty of room to expand our capacity.” Not only did Cato Composites invest in a new plant but also the team has expanded. “Our development team has been enlarged and we set up a sales and marketing team to increase our strength in the market” says Joost.


One of the new team members for sales is Guïdo Isselman. Guïdo has a background in technical textiles and started in the role of commercial manager last September. He is responsible for sales and marketing and will be the primary contact for new inquiries. “Cato has a strong and experienced team. It’s really energizing to see the how the Cato team facilitates its customers by helping them to innovate their products with light weight CFRTC solutions.” Says Guido.


Over the last quarter of 2020 Cato Composites saw its order book filled with new exciting projects. “Just before we moved over, when we shut down the machinery, we were confronted with new orders mainly from the sporting goods and safety industry.” Cato Composites benefits from its diversified customer portfolio. “Especially from those customers which saw extensive growth because of COVID-19. This trend continues in the first quarter of 2021 which is very exiting”. explains Joost. When the postponed projects will pick-up again, Cato Composites expects to see more growth in the coming years. Cato Composites thermoplastic composites technology can support customers in e.g. sporting goods, aerospace interiors, consumer goods and automotive applications. Cato’s mission is to empower lightness for its OEM customers and their end-users. For these applications Cato Composites can process all CFRTC materials with temperatures up to 340° degrees.

 Pand industriepark Haveland