How we work

The Cato Concept

How do we create an outstanding product from your ideas? We work in four stages, all equally important. Together they form a clear workflow, for us and for you. We start as a team, the Cato Concept is based on co-creation, eventually leading to the manufacturing and supply of jointly developed components. You can work with Cato Composites from start to finish, but also during fewer stages in the process. In other words, we could also be your manufacturing partner for thermoplastic composite products that you have already developed on your own.

we co-create

The team concept

Successful projects start with good teams. So we team up with you. We get to know you as our client, your product and the challenge we’re facing together. As a team, we define the project: setting the parameters, the geometry, the specifications, the required performance and the premises. We think ahead about the material and the production. We investigate all possibilities before co-developing our solution that meets your needs.


The product concept

First comes the material, then the product. We strive to find the optimum combination of materials, product and manufacturing concept. We compare options for weight-saving, performance, cost and design. This work results in a joint decision on the investments in tooling and prototyping before going on to the next phase - the manufacturing of acceptance samples.

The prototype concept 

This is the exciting phase when the actual development work takes place. It is when the extensive preparations lead to the component you have in mind. We start by designing tools for the creation of prototypes. We test the approved prototypes and finally, we optimize material and processing towards a complete working and approved concept product.


The production concept

It’s time for commercialisation: we look for the most effective production process, scale up, define QA/QC and define component release protocols. We start production in-house and we monitor the production process and quality of parts produced with business partners. Last but not least: it is our goal to deliver in time with 100% satisfaction.