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Generally, composite materials are used in dynamic structural applications where weight needs to be reduced. This can be necessary in aerospace, automotive, sports and also in consumer goods.

Material weight saving potential

The strength and stiffness of thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials are very similar. However, thermoplastic composite materials offer unique additional benefits like energy absorption, (cold) fatigue properties and environmental benefits. Last but certainly not least, thermoplastic composites enable high-volume composite component manufacturing. Selecting and specifying thermoplastic composite material for specific applications is the key know-how of Cato. 

The diagram above shows the potential weight savings that can be achieved assuming similar cantilever beam deflection vs. steel, aluminium and glass reinforced injection for the various thermoplastic composite materials available. The price range varies from €5/kg up to €150 /kg. A suitable material at any required price point can be easily specified.