Cato history & activities

the Cato history

Cato Composites BV (further Cato) was co-founded in 2008 by a.o. Joost van Lindert, who in 1997 was a co-founder of Bond-Laminates GmbH, manufacturer of TEPEX® thermplastic composite material in Brilon, Germany.

The main objective at that time was to provide to customers interested in thermoplastic composite materials with 3D components as well.

From 2008-2012 Cato co-operated with Cato Composites AS in Halden (N), a subsidary of Cato Ringstad AS in the development and manufacturing of thermoplastic composite parts and components. Therefore, the name of Cato was proudly used to our activities in the Netherlands as well.

When in September 2012, Bond-Laminates was sold to Lanxess all share holders in Bond-Laminates, including Joost van Lindert and Cato Ringstad AS, divested their shares. At that time Cato acquired all equipment and technology from Cato Composites AS (N), established in Norway since 1997. This equipment was moved to Cato's development and manufacturing facility in Rheden (NL). This technology included an automated manufacturing line for military helmets shells and a production line of cell phone housings, all using thermoplastic composite materials.  

Since, Cato has continuosly grown its team, activities, resources and customer base, from its facilities in Rheden

Today, Cato provides light weight components and products for volume manufacturing using a wide range of thermoplastic composite materials and processes to customers in the Netherlands, Europe and world wide.

The specific technology comprises the development and manufacturing of light weight and structural tailored thermoplastic composite components with e.g. disuniform thicknesses and strategic placement of reinforcement. Ultra light weight and impact resistant components using Self-Reinforced Polyprolylen (SRPP) composite materials. And last but not least the use of natural fibre like flax in combination with PLA.