Rheden, 27 July 2023


Cato Composites accelerates in surface finishes on Thermoplastic Composites. 

Case implementation - Mystic Brand (North Actionsports Group) - Digitally printed thermoplastic composite kite and wind surfing hard shells

As Manufacturing Solutions Partner for thermoplastic composites Cato is challenging itself to always be one step ahead within the industry. Already since its foundation Cato has been building up a broad knowledge and understanding of using 3D formed thermoplastic composite technologies for a wide range of applications. Defining the right materials, lay-up and composition are key for each application. Ever since the focus has been on refining surface finishes, for example by adding digital printing solutions.


Mystic kite and windsurfing harness


Photo: Example of kite and windsurf harness with printing solution.

Adding Digital printing solutions to thermoplastic composite materials and components has evolved within Cato and is now one of its key competences. To add a print various challenges have to be solved. For example the print is transferred into the material avoiding scratch and bonding issues, the full colour quality print remains during material and component processing. In fact adding prints is done for visual parts only. This means the surface should be spick and span in consumer quality!

One of Cato’s key OEM partners is Mystic. Mystic is a kite and wind surfing brand and is part of North Actionsports Group. Cato has been working with Mystic team since many years.  “We are not only a manufacturing solutions partner but Cato is also striving to be an innovation partner for Mystic as well. This means we that we put always try to find the newest and best technologies. Key is to work very close with the customer and centralize them in the organization.” Joost van Lindert, managing director.


Team foto 2023


Photo: Mystic and Cato team during their annual joint innovation session to continuously improve Mystic products.

For the development and implementation of the printing solution a broad team of stakeholders from mystic have been involved. Close alignment with the product and design team as well as supply chain is key for a successful implementation.

Barend Hilterman, Head of Product at Mystic. "The Mystic Thermoplastic Composite hard shells from Cato have established themselves as the leading solution in the market for Kite & Windsurf Harnesses. This success can be attributed to the combination of anisotropic material design and the durability of the Thermoplastic Composites used in their construction. In the past, the production process for these harnesses involved printing and painting the parts in Asia before final assembly. However, Cato has developed and implemented a new solution that not only ensures better quality but also significantly reduces the lead time. This advancement allows Cato to directly deliver the parts for assembly, streamlining the manufacturing process. It is great to see that this technology is being used in other products from Cato then just for Mystic”.